Second set of photos for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. I’ll be continuing to post photos for the game as I progress (while keeping it as spoiler-free as possible). Once again, these photos are close to a week old, so I’m further ahead than these photos.

The attention to detail with towns is great, given the game shifts from day to night, and some subquests will only be available at night.

The towns are a bit small at first glance, but they do feel expansive as the camera pans out if one were to leave themselves in idle for a moment, to reveal the map’s full size.

The game includes a world map in the same fashion as the PS1 FFs and the DS remakes of III and IV. This alone is a bonus to me, and likely for many others who are JRPG fans.

Like with the older Final Fantasies, and FFXII, spells may be purchased in stores for White, Black, and Time magics. I’m only up to level 4 magic, but here’s what each level offers:

White - (level 1) Cure, Poisona, Blinda (level 2) Protect, Shell, Aero (level 3) Cura, Raise, Esuna (level 4) Reflect, Dispel, Aerora

Black - (level 1) Fire, Blizzard, Thunder (level 2) Sleep, Poison, Silence (level 3) Fira, Blizzara, Thundara (level 4) Drain, Aspir, Fear

Time - (level 1) Slow, Regen, Quake (level 2) Haste, Teleport, Quara (or “Quakera”) (level 3) Gravity, Veil, Slowga (level 4) Hastega, Veilga, Comet

Aspir drains MP like Osmose typically does, and Fear inflicts… well, fear status, which disables Defaulting and thus prevents one from stocking up on BP (Brave Points).

Photos for the battle system are next.