Third set for BDFF, attempting to catch my photo posts for the game up to where I am on a forum I’ve been posting to since last week, only these are more organized compared to the initial posts.

Early skills, some of the quality drop is due to the fact that I had to make recordings to get clear shots of animations rather than taking individual photos.

Pretty simple for the battle system, Defaulting works like defending in that you can build up BP (max Brave Points possible is 3, lowest is -3) and Braving allows you to use those points so you could take more actions per turn. At most you can do is four actions per turn.

In the event your BP hits the negatives, that character’s turn is passed until they reset to 0. Some classes like the Red Mage class have passive abilities that allow them to regain BP faster, but for the most part, you’d have to wait up to a total of 2 - 3 turns if you’re at -3.

The BP system applies to enemies as well, who can Brave as well as Default, by the way.

Evidently, the game’s name comes from its battle system, so I’d probably sound silly to say that I would be disappointed to see Square Enix is very likely going to change the name if the trademarks are any indication, as well as the staff on the game themselves saying a name change will be happening for localization.

Next sets will be going to gameplay progress and other details to catch up.