This post should contain more photos than what I’m including, but I prefer to divide it up to make it the “show some progress” format I’ve been doing. Borderline “Let’s Play,” if one wants to call it that — However, I’ve been mostly avoiding story details as on request from other places I’ve posted to.

However, given the content between what is set for the next post is fairly different from this one, I feel obligated to make a separate post for the sake of keeping things neat.

Minor tweak in classes with Tiz changing from Monk to Thief. The Thief class isn’t that particularly useful aside from getting a guaranteed first hit, but it’s easily outranked by the Hunter class in speed based on my experiences, and possibly the Red Mage class as well.

The boss featured is the one you face in the Wind Shrine. His name is Ultros and he’s… well, easy in that you spam Blizzard and Fire on each head’s respective weakness. A fairly early boss in the game.

Once again, not quite up to date, but it’s from ~5 days ago. I’ll probably have things caught up within a day or two.