The city of Flowell, a town known for its entertainment district. And by that I mean this town is probably why the game got its CERO rating with the amount of suggestive dialogue that goes on here. Most of it is humorous, however, and it does let Ringabell deliver some funny lines.

That is to say, Tiz and Ringabell get aroused — namely the latter — in a few scenarios, as far as I recall. Our amnesiac playboy also attempts to seduce a woman, but fails in the process.

Can’t remember the name of those enemies, but I remember them being fairly annoying with crithax far too often and easily getting KOs in.

Otherwise, this was probably the game’s highest point for being lighthearted and humorous. The city vaguely reminded me of FFIX’s Treno.

The last shot includes the classes for Knight, Black Mage, Summoner, and Hunter.

To my surprise, the Hunter class is actually very good. It functions fairly similar to the Thief class, but sacrifices HP/MP in favor for more offense — I found this to be a good thing for random encounters as I had often had fights done with Hunter alone.

Summoner class has a MP regen ability that restores MP when damage is inflicted on the character with the class — The amount is proportionate to damage received. This is handy for keeping up with summons, all of which are 50 MP to cast, and works nicely if Abilinking with White Mage.