Lost track of what set this is, I’m really just attempting to catch my Tumblr posts up with showcasing Bravely Default.

Enjoy some derpy enemy designs. The derpy green things are called Kappa and they’re pretty annoying and will often run from battle.

Also included some dungeon exploration for the sake of it. I think my camera was acting up on a few of these photos, so pardon any quality dips in this set.

The ship was the first area revealed for the game last year along with announcing the first two main characters Tiz and Agnes, I do believe, and was featured in a few demos. You actually don’t even visit the location until chapter 3 once your ship gains free movement.

Changed Ringabell to Red Mage and Edea to Time Mage.

Red Mage’s benefits include +1 BP on target KO and, sure enough, White + Black Magic access. Sadly, even at job level 9 or so, it only gains access to level 4 magic, to which the individual classes can use level 5 by then. Otherwise, the class is the usual “Jack of all Trades” role it’s always been since Final Fantasy.

Time Mage is fairly useful, more so than I thought it would have been. It’s a class that, while it can function fairly well on its own (enough offense and support skills to back it up), relies quite a bit on being Abilinked with a class that matches it in stat spreads. In other words: You’re better off linking it with Black, White, or Red Mage in order for it to get its full potential.