Almost have Tumblr caught up to where I am on my thread on a forum.

First photo shows Kamiizumi, Edea’s instructor who was shown sparring with Edea in the opening FMV, and Doctor Kada. The former has the Swordsmaster class and the latter the Chemist class.

The stupid-looking girl in the dress is Purin (Pudding) a La Mode, holder of the Superstar class. She’s part of the same group as Kamiizumi and Doctor Kada, the Black-Iron Blades.

Naturally enough, the Superstar class looks… silly. I’ll detail its uses towards the end of this post along with some other classes.

Happy shark is happy, was mostly including photos of enemies to show off the designs for them. Surprised I haven’t run into that many recolors yet.

Magic shop at this point in the game offers Drain, Aspir, Fear, Hastega, Veilga, and Comet. Most drain skills aren’t that useful, honestly, but I bought them for the sake of having the skill sets complete.

I should add past the initial four classes (Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Knight), the other classes are all obtained via subquests. In the instance for the Chemist class, I accidentally triggered it without any intention of actually wanting to get it as soon as I had.

Kada has an attack that hits for 9999, even when you are Defaulting, and thus is an ensured KO. He isn’t hard as he only does the move once he has enough BP stocked up (~1) and has to miss out on a turn.

Class details:

Valkyrie - Pretty much Final Fantasy’s Dragoon class in that it borrows the Jump command from it. Stat spreads are similar, too. Otherwise, this class can hit like a truck, but I feel the Jump command is probably what helps it stand out since it basically allows a free turn of avoiding attacks.

Superstar - Very low stats, but higher proficiency in weapons and thus can step into pretty much any weapon without any hindrance. All of its skills are support, and is definitely a class meant to be Abilinked (Ability Link) rather than directly used as it’s far too weak to do any decent damage on its own. Its skills target the entire party, something White Mage’s skills cannot do in terms of buffs (Protect/Shell).

Chemist - Didn’t quite look into it much, it seems like it’d be great for random encounters but impractical for bosses.

Swordsmaster - Counter-based, relies on punishing with prediction. Not my sort of thing, but I’m more for “screw it, kill the damn thing” rather than waiting. It certainly does deliver a lot of damage if used correctly.

Also, in regards to localizing, I’ve this info from GameFAQs:

Square-Enix usually holds a meeting on a bimonthly basis regarding releasing products “overseas.” (EU/US) The last meeting was held mid December and Bravely Default wasn’t one of them.

I myself sometime feel bad for them as most of the people with executive powers over the localisation’s decisions have no clue/ disregard what the demand is. It may sound counter-intuitive in such a competitive market and challenging economy, however, keep in mind that here in Japan, it’s a safer bet to launch yet another card/social game (like the upcoming Final Fantasy Art collection card “game.”)

Zero risk/ Ok return. That’s their motto as it is now.

He mentioned it’s early, but it’s not a good sign when the game’s been so positively well-received (and has sold well) in its own country.

So, people really need to rattle Square Enix’s cages on Twitter and everywhere possible to convince them otherwise.