Photos for Eizenberg, a war-torn land. It’s also nearby the Fire Shrine, hosting the third crystal you obtain in the game.

I just remember most of this segment of the game consisting of running after that punk ass Egil kid, even if he was needed to progress.

The ugly thing with the purple barrier was the boss for the Fire Shrine and will punish you like no tomorrow if you don’t understand the Brave/Defaulting system at this point, as failing to Default on the correct turn will result in your party very likely dropping like a fly.

I was being too hot blooded, overgrinded, and realized how silly I was being as I lost even after grinding up 8 - 9 additional levels than what the final photo shows.

A feature that I’ve yet to really go over is the Party Chat system. Exactly like what it says on the tin, the function is much alike that of the Tales’ series skits: they present non-voiced dialogue that typically accompanies the recent events in the story. Most of them involve Ringabell making a suggestive comment and Edea calling him a dumbass.

(Just about caught up now~!)