Yar har fiddle d— No, I’m aware that joke is old. Pirate class is detailed in this post. I also picked the Ninja class but I forgot to do photos for that. Oops.

Captain Barbarossa was pretty easy, given he was too slow to do much and he wasn’t accompanied by any mooks.

Pirate class is heavy on offense and can work with swords or axes, but preferably axes for best results.

I don’t remember much to fighting Kikyou in regards to the Ninja class, so she was probably a mild annoyance at best.

Ninja class excels in what you’d expect it to: speed. However, that’s… kinda all it really does. I’m leaning towards jumping back to Hunter as it does more damage without sacrificing as much HP/MP as the Ninja class does.

I’ll post the second half for this post in a few.