Second half to the other post.

I should mention the pirate ship that is owned by Barbarossa is not the ship that functions as your party’s obligatory airship — That’s the role filled by the Grandship, formerly a map location.

Naturally enough, getting the damn thing afloat requires some hoop jumping. Took a photo of the boss below the deck, albeit it’s not perfectly clear. I think Ringabell and his waifu died, so just Agnes and Tiz got EXP for that fight. Oh well.

In the last continent to explore for the game, there’s subbosses peppered throughout the map. Only one of them was terribly annoying, otherwise they’re mostly just level checking at this point.

Party progression:

Ringabell: Monk -> Knight -> Red Mage -> Pirate

Edea: Black Mage -> Time Mage

Agnes: White Mage -> Summoner

Tiz: Monk -> Thief -> Hunter -> Ninja