Moderate spoilers for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in this post, depending if one isn’t able to put the hints together regarding exactly who Ringabell is. I will not say directly who he is, but once again: There’s enough hints to the point that he’s a walking spoiler and yet is not at the same time.

(However, if that bothers you, I suggest skipping to the bottom paragraph after the following 1 - 2 paragraphs to avoid any details. Strikeout is provided for the hints for who Ringabell really is.)

I haven’t posted in awhile, but my break’s over so classes are in and thus I’ll be giving out slower posts in regards to my playthrough for BD, as well as attempting to drum up interest for people in this game.

Gained access to start the subquest for the Vampire class, to which Lester is the holder of the class. He’s surprisingly a pretty decent guy, but mentions 6 Keystones are required to enter his castle. He boldly states no hints will be provided (in Engrish, too!), but it’s not hard to figure out where they are if you’ve been paying attention to details on the world map.

I got too lazy and just said “screw it,” also knowing for a fact that people were struggling in that castle even with a level 65 party, so I decided not to be hot blooded about the matter and left well enough alone.

Anazel D is the third-to-last Jobmaster in the game, holding the Dark Knight class. It’s established that he’s part of the Council of Six, is an orphan that Brave Lee (Edea’s father) saw potential in and thus made him a member of his… uh, posse, and he has a thing for Edea.

…To the extent he proposes to her in the fight against him. She turns him down, naturally, but it’s likely due to the spur of the moment going on as she was concerned for his well-being. (It didn’t bother me much, but the Diary of D lists his age as 20, hers as 15, but age of consent laws in Japan vary in prefecture, thus it didn’t irk me much at all.)

His opening battle animation is the same as Ringabell’s, drawing a great similarity to the point the game spells it out for you. Keep in mind who has the Diary of D as well and it becomes fairly clear.

That said, the Dark Knight class is what you’d expect based on its FF fare: Immense offense, large HP pool, and above average defense. It’s arguably the most offensive class in the game in physical skills, even if it casts from HP and can be risky to play with at times.

Within the Diary of D are sketches, indicating either Ringabell or the original owner (Anazel D) is quite the artist. I didn’t include all of the sketches, but rather the ones that are of the party members or major characters (ie, Anazel and Brave in the last sketch).

Lastly, level progress. I’m ahead of when these photos were taken, but I had gotten lazy on updating and forgetful.