Did I say the previous post was the last? I accidentally skipped like two complete sets of photos that were supposed to be posted prior to the second-to-last set I introduced. Opps.

Ringabell being his usual chivalrous perverted self in the first photo. I don’t think Edea got annoyed with his comment this time, but she mellowed out hella lot over the course of the game. She’s still slap-slap-kiss with Ringabell for most of the game, regardless.

Mostly detail shots of Eternia, Edea’s home country and where Daddy Brave Lee resides.

Level 5 magic list:

White - Esunaga, Curada, Aeroga

Black - Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga

Time - Quick, Stop, Quakega

We also meet Edea’s mother here, who’s surprisingly lax despite the fact her daughter pretty much sided with the country’s enemy. What a champ. Talking to her in every cycle enables bonus dialogue, some of it being crucial to Ringabell’s character development.

More subbosses on the world map! I think there was one to the top left if you try to go to Lester’s castle before dealing with the main Council of Six posse at their base. The mech enemy was pretty badass-looking.

I’ll post the other stuff a wee bit later. This is getting cross-posted to Square Enix’s forum for quick advertising.