Truly the final photoset. I’ve spent the past ten minutes fumbling around with this new layout Tumblr “updated” to and it’s frustrating, to say the least.

The first of the Council of Six you fight are Victoria and Dr. Victor. Victoria’s a bitch and Victor is pretty much her butler to the point it’s almost hilarious. Vicky holds the Majin/Magus class while Vic holds the Devout class.

Fight-wise, it’s Victoria that is the real threat, having no trouble casting Doom on you or ensuring your entire party is poisoned at all times. It’s to the point I realized attempting to remedy the poison was a waste of time, particularly if a party member had Doom cast on them.

Victor on his own is a pushover, particularly in later cycles of the game where you have access to darkness-elemental skills on the Dark Knight class. Otherwise, most he does is cast Holy (~1800 at this point in the game) and hit with melee for about 1k. Weaksauce.

The party is stupid enough to get jumped by Zubats bats and wound up in the inevitable “captured in the enemy’s lair” predicament. Except Edea, who had Anazel sticking his neck out for her and she has the benefit of being Brave’s daughter. You get a chance at checking out her room and it’s pretty pimped out.

After a pointless conversation between Edea and Brave coming down to the two shouting at each other instead of attempting to be reasonable, you get the usual jailbreak scenario. You also get to fight Brave himself for the Paladin class later on.

This segment of the game is where Lester introduces himself as a member of the Council of Six. That’s five out of the six revealed, albeit I won’t reveal who the sixth one is by any means and will leave that for people to discover on their own.

Moving things along to the Earth Shrine for the final crystal, the guardian for it is the Gigas Lich. I can’t remember much to this fight, but I recall he was hella lot easier than the boss of the Fire Shrine.

This basically ends the “new” content in the game as chapters 5 - 8 are cycles in the game which starts the diverge of whether you get the true ending or not. Sadly, it’s also the game’s low point as things can get really repetitive and boring fighting the same set of bosses over and over. At least the game rewards you immensely for doing those parts~

Now this is indeed the “final” playthrough post as I’ve patched up the gap to the post regarding the final segment of the game.